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Dual Band Night Vision Goggles - DBNVG-14L

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Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Sensor Resolution: 320x240
Optical Magnification: 1X
Sensor Pixel Size: 25 micron
Sensor Frame Rate: 60Hz
Detection Range: 1800
The Dual Band Night Vision Goggle 14L displays analog Gen3 Filmless White Phosphor night vision and long wave infrared thermal imaging simultaneously through a bridged modular dual-optic helmet mountable goggle. Each optic can also be mounted on a rifle. By coupling the latest Gen3 filmless white phosphor technology available with an ultra lightweight micro thermal multipurpose system, the DBNVG-14L allows operators to see and do things that are impossible with one technology. For example, you can see through a windshield to drive a vehicle and also detect animals over 500 hundred yards away before unloading the SkeetIR-L from the RQE bridge to use as a clip-on or stand alone thermal weapon sight. With the SkeetIR-L now on a weapon you can swap the Gen3 Vyper-14 to the opposite bridge arm to navigate towards a target in total darkness. The DBNVG-14L is the best of both thermal and I2 night vision worlds in an extremely lightweight, modular, and versatile configuration.


Important note: These SkeetIR-Ls are in very limited supply and are sold with a 90 day warranty. No returns. ITAR form required - no exceptions.

Unlike a typical "fusion" device, the DBNVG displays thermal to one eye, and i2 to one eye. These images are both 1X/unity which is what makes it easy for your brain to "fuse" them together when viewing simultaneously. Fusion devices do have their unique benefits, but the DBVNG-14L is the only dual band binocular system that allows you to run i2 and thermal integrated on a bridge, i2 or thermal individualy on a bridge, or i2 or thermal individualy on a weapon. Versatile doesn't even begin to describe the DBNVG-14L.

The DBNVG-14L pairs an Oasys SkeetIR-L 320 micro thermal multipurpose monocular with a UNV L-3 Filmless White Phosphor PVS-14 including a DEP VYPER-14 housing upgrade loaded on the RQE Universal Bridge.
But we didn't stop there, in true ULTIMATE fashion we wanted the DBNVG-14L to be the best of the best. We added a titanium infinity stop ring, RQE Obverse Shoe Set, DEP Vyper-14 C Chassis Up-Armored Housing Upgrade, the DEP lightweight Ether Eyepiece upgrade, and a premium L-3 filmless white phosphor aviation grade/20UA 72 lp/mm 30+ SNR image tube. This system truly is the best of the best.

The modular RQE universal bridge allows the mounting of not only a Vyper-14 and the SkeetIR-L, but also dual Vyper-14s or dual SkeetIR-Ls(while supplies last). This allows the user to create the first helmet mountable stereo thermal binoculars available on the commercial market. This gives the end user an unprecedented stereo thermal image that provides an amazing 3D-like depth perception.

The Obverse Shoe Set is a lightweight dovetail mounting platform intended for applications requiring the family of AN/PVS-14(and various derivatives) modules to be pair or oriented for specific user applications. The OSS converts any PVS-14 into a truly ambidextrous and more versatile night vision monocular. The OSS maximizes the use of virtually any standard dovetail as a host receiver for matrix interchange of similar/disimilar optics. Both shoes are equipped with RQE's patented user adjustable tolerance tooth to compensate for wear, temperature changes or tolerances and reduce/eliminate wobble at the juncture point across many brands of dovetail host receivers.

The ETHER eyepiece provides up to a 30% reduction in eyepiece system weight when headworn or carried.

The SkeetIR is the smallest, lightest, and most rugged multi-purpose weapon mountable thermal weapon system ever created. These hardened miniature thermal optics were originally designed and produced for a SPAWAR contract but are now available in limited quantities to civilians.

The SkeetIR-L 320 weapon sight is part of the OASYS thermal imaging product family. It is optically and electronically optimized, surpassing current 320 systems by no small margin. With an operational run-time of more than two hours and a system weight of under 9oz ounces, the SKEETIR-L sight exceeds competitive products specifications and performance. A simple menu function featuring a single button press allows for essential operation of the SKEETIR-L sight eliminating the need to remember locations on the device for different functions while operating the system in darkness. Features such as inherent weapons use and user selectable electronic reticles support wide ranging mission with clear definition.

  • Covertly finding and locating objects without visible light
  • First responder land & water, search & rescue, and fugitive pursuit and apprehension
  • Officer safety and protection
  • Hot spot and disturbed surface detection
  • Crime scene investigations

  • Proven military system
  • Versatile system that quickly transitions from clip-on to handheld to helmet-mount mode
  • Greatly enhances vision at night or in dust or smoke
  • conditions
  • Seamless operational transition from observation to a
  • targeting device
  • Versatility to support a wide range of missions
  • Superior image quality

  • The smallest thermal monocular available in the market
  • Less than 9oz
  • Helmet Mountable
  • Clip-On Optic
  • Ruggedized design with intuitive menu operation
  • RS-170 video output
  • Weapon mountable
    Weight (without batteries) 9 oz (0.26kg)
    Length 4.0 in (102 mm) (w/o lens cover or eyecups
    Width 2.4 in (61mm)
    Height 1.7 in (44mm)
    Power Source (1) CR 123 lithium battery or USB Outlet
    Power Up 3 seconds
    Battery Operating Life @25°c 2.0 hrs @ 60 Hz
    Operating Temp -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60 °C)
    Storage temp: -40°F (-40°C) to 160°F (71 °C)
    Immersion 33 ft for 2 hours
    Climatic zones: Hot, basic
    Optical focus Manual
    Diopter Adjustment Manual
    Optical Magnification 1x
    Digital Magnification .5x and 2x
    Field of View (25° horizontal x 18° vertical)
    Optical Co-use Unity up to ≤ 5x
    Minimum Focus Distance 500 mm
    Detection Range 910m 80% positive (60 Hz), 0.75m2 size target
    Display Type Monochrome 640x480
    Sensor Type BAE VOx Uncooled Microbolometer
    Pixel Type 320x240 array
    SpectralL Band 8 - 12 μm
    Pixel Pitch 25 μm
    Sensitivity <50 mK @F/1
    Frame Rate 60 Hz dual mode
    Calibration NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)
    Digital magnetic compass Yes

    Capability 100 snapshots
    Image format 8-bit uncompressed bitmap
    Weapon mount M1913 Milspec
    Light guard Eyecup

    • Display

    • Environmental Specifications

    • Lens Specifications

      Optical Magnification


      Horizontal Angular Field of View


      Vertical Angular Field of View


      Detection Range


    • Physical

    • Sensor Specifications

      Device Technology

      Thermal Imaging

      Sensor Resolution


      Intensifier Resolution


      Sensor Type

      BAE VOx Core

      Sensor Pixel Size

      25 micron

      Sensor Frame Rate