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Integrated Components D14 Dual PVS-14 Night Vision Bridge Mount System

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The D14 combines two standard PVS-14 monoculars to give you binocular depth perception (stereoscopic) night vision capability, and offers a flexible system that can be configured as a single-tube or dual-tube stereoscopic night vision system. The need for binocular depth perception is particularly desirable when operating at night. Users of single-tube PVS-7 or 14 systems are at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to effective tactical night movement. IC’s mounting system increases the flexibility and utility of each separate PVS-14 by making it possible to rapidly detach one or both devices from the headgear for use as a weapon-mounted night sight, for handheld use as a surveillance or observation device, and as a force multiplier by distribution to others without night vision devices.

NOTE: We supply the D14 with J-Arms for L3 housings which also fit Carson and ITT/Harris housings. Specialized J-arms for ITT/Harris housings are special order.

Provides “systems redundancy” – if one PVS-14 becomes inoperative, you still have the second PVS-14 to use. Two separate PVS-14s means two separate power supplies and half the chance of a total power outage. If one
PVS-14 goes down for any reason, you still have night vision with the other PVS-14
A “Force Multiplier” – you can instantly detach either PVS-14 or both and pass it on to your buddy to use or weapon mount the PVS-14 behind a night vision compatible red dot sight including the popular Aimpoint or Eotech (with optional mounts).Compatible with all current military issue PVS-14 monoculars with no modifications of equipment required.
Arm screws on to the PVS-14’s just like a “J” arm.
Dovetail on the D-14 that attaches the D-14 to the helmet mount adjusts fore and aft to promote maximum user comfort.
The release buttons for that Navy Dovetail can be mounted either on the outside or on the inside which some people prefer to prevent accidental release and dropping the PVS-14.
The D-14 night vision mounting system Monocular Mounting Arm keeps both PVS-14 perfectly collimated (parallel to each other) Regardless of how often the user adjusts or detaches them.
Friction-held interpupillary distance adjustment on the D-14 Provides quick and easy optical adjustment
When not being used the D-14 folds way back to allow both PVS-14s to be stowed closer to the helmet than any other dual tube system. This provides less chance of snagging or bumping it on something and a much better helmet center of gravity than any system available which lessens fatigue.
The D-14 can be used with any standard ITT or L3 PVS-14 (mix or match)

The standard mount interfaces with IC, Wilcox and Norotos NV mounts with the Navy dovetail receptacles and can be supplied with most other receptacles by special order. Just call us to make sure you get the right one.
The D-14 night vision mounting system is an essential part of a modular setup to make the most of your night vision.
Use it with one PVS-14 and our Ultimate Weapon Mount for helmet mounted night vision so you can instantly release the PVS-14 from the D-14, effortlessly attach the PVS-14 to your Ultimate Weapons mount base already attached to your weapon’s picatinny rail, take the shot and in seconds have it back on the helmet mounted D-14. HOW SLICK IS THAT?
Whenever you get your second PVS-14, you’re in business to do the same and have depth perception to boot!
Weight: Only 5oz / 141.8 grams for all you metric system folks

  • Bridges two separate removable PVS-14 monoculars to give the operator binocular stereoscopic night vision capability.
  • Compatible with all current military issue PVS-14 monoculars with no modifications of equipment or tools required.
  • Remove either PVS-14 and weapon mount it to take the shot, them replace it to the D-14 and go back to business.