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Knight Vision M14 Chassis - Coyote Tan

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The KVC M14 chassis is an aluminum alloy exoskeleton replacement for plastic legacy AN/PVS-14 type monocular housings. This metal chassis provides 3 modular access points, protects the image tube, optical cells and lower monocular housing (battery module) with a rigid wall of 7075 material. The chassis is fully backwards compatible to legacy optics, accessories and OEM components. The chassis enhances environmental resistance, emersion and withstands significant abuse. Coupled with the KVC D Collar, the M14 provides a 3rd interface/anchor point while significantly increasing logistical ease and maintenance to the objective lens assembly.

TECH_SPECS_TABLE: 1, HM: 7075 Aluminum, WE: 64 grams, WAR: Lifetime: CW: Legacy PVS-14 Optics and Accessories, CM: USA,

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    7075 Aluminum

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    64 grams

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