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KVC Universal Dual Bridge

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Device Technology: Dovetail Interface
The KVC Universal Bridge is a lightweight, highly adaptive interface component for use with a variety of image intensified, DVO, digital, or thermal systems. It is compatible/adaptive to a wide range of legacy electro-optics via common shoe-type or adapter.

The UB has a mechanical release safety as well as a mechanism to fix monoculars in the bridge for a semi-permanent system. Simply install the included blue screws in the appropriate hole while a shoe is inserted, and the shoe is fixed in the bridge until you remove the blue screw. This is great for high speed applications and keeping your NVGs fixed to your bridge for extended periods of use.

The UB is designed for a multitude of mission options from military and law enforcement, to night time predator and hog hunting. The UB allows use with a PVS-14, MUM, Trijicon IR Patrol, BAE SkeetIR, Armasight Q14, and any helmet-mountable night vision device with a standard dovetail shoe or adapter. There is no need for multiple bridge variants or key component exchanges.

The Universal Bridge extends stand-off, inter-pupilary distance, and helmet mount drop beyond any currently offered product with highly adaptive compatibility. This patented unique design allows for mixed or like modules to be used independently or in tandem with the correct inter-pupilary adjustment.


Dovetail shoes typically wear and wobble over time, but the patented "tolerance tooth" allows adjustment the bridge's dovetail shoe to compensate for wear, temperature changes or tolerances to reduce/eliminate wobble at the juncture point. The tolerance tooth can be adjusted to fit a specific model of helmet mount, or to make the bridge fit like-new after thousands of repetitions in and out of a helmet mount.


RQE Universal Bridge Spec Sheet

Materials: Aluminum/Titanium/Resin
Weight: 3.38 ounces

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    Device Technology

    Dovetail Interface

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  • 5
    Excellent choice!

    Posted by Ac on Mar 13th 2020

    Great if you need to run two devices. Very fine adjustment capability and light as a feather. I currently have this loaded with a pvs14 and a flir breach.
    UNV got this to me super fast and the customer service was on point. Thanks for the great gear and smooth process.

  • 5
    KVC Bridge

    Posted by SvS on Dec 4th 2019

    I have used the bridge for some time now. Me and my colleagues used the bridge and upgraded dual 14s at night during helo shoots, riding dual sports, stalking meth heads, etc.

    The weight compared to competitor bridges is very noticeable, and your neck will thank you.
    The adjustments are very smooth with optics mounted.
    Ergonomics are fantastic. When you fold your optics up, they lock in place at the horizontal level and can't come down (they fold all the way up too to sit flush against your helmet). You put your hand up to the optic and your hands land right on the release button to bring them back in front of your eyes.
    The shoe release cannot be hit accidentally, but at the same time you can get your optic off and on your gun fast.

    Lastly on interchangeability. The bridge works with other shoes as well. I used the SkeetIR (Wilcox shoes), DEP Hyper MUMs, DEP Vyper 14s, and Trijicon IR-Patrol (dont' know what shoe they use).

  • 5
    Universal Bridge

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 4th 2019

    Excellent engineering and easy to adjust to ones own settings. Very much appreciative of engineering support. Responded within hours on a Weekend. Still small and hope it stays that way!

  • 5
    Small, lightweight and robust.

    Posted by Old 11b on Dec 4th 2019

    Works awesome with the KVC shoe set on dual vyper14s. I was able to adjust it to the perfect distance from my eyes and line them up perfectly with the distance between my eyes. Positive lock up and easily able to flip one up or down when needed.

    As always, great service and products in stock with UNV. I always check UNV first!

  • 5
    Universal Bridge

    Posted by James on Dec 4th 2019

    Absolutely fantastic piece of equipment. Worth every penny. Also timely delivery and best customer service I could ask for.

  • 5
    Excellent help!!

    Posted by Daniel Ross on Dec 4th 2019

    Definitely hope to work with you again!

  • 5
    Universal Bridge

    Posted by Cody on Dec 4th 2019

    I have been using the RQE Universal bridge recently for my dual PVS 14s. From the first night of use I've been a very happy customer. Very light! Excellent range of adjustment (the adjustments feel rock solid) . Overall ergonomics and design has been the best and most intuitive I've used. Usually I am going from dual pvs14s, to folding my right eye pvs14 up and away to get on my thermal rifle scope. This bridge has made that action as smooth and easy as possible. I am very satisfied with the quality and function and I highly recommend!

  • 5

    Posted by SP on Dec 4th 2019

    I chose the universal bridge because it was the lightest and I really wanted to try the stowage feature that I saw. This turned out to be amazing. It should be noted that the bridge has amazing adjustment fore/aft, inter pupillary, and a "lock in" dovetail feature.

    Basically I run this always on and my brain seems to be able to "fuse" the thermal image and white phosphorus image together. I find that fine tuning the gain on the NV is an important aspect to this.

    The shoe is perfect because it allows me to rotate the battery compartment, switch and gain to the outside of the setup allowing me access for adjustment. Also I love the adjustment on how tight it clicks into the mount allowing one to adjust any play out of the system.
    Please forgive the crappy pics but hopefully they show the great adjustment in the system as well as how low profile they stow.
    Overall I am really happy.