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M14 MIL-SPEC Housing Parts Kit - Tan

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M14 PVS-14 Housing Kit - Custom Cerakoted
These are not your average painted parts kit. They have been completely disassembled and cerakoted flat coyote tan. The housings were meticulously cerakoted before the pins and windows were installed giving them a clean factory finished look. These UNV custom housings have also been lightly sandblasted to increase grip factor. Each kit comes complete with a cerakoted D-Collar as well. You won't find any kits like these anywhere else.

This kit contains all the parts necessary to build your own M14, except for the image intensifier. All of the parts, including the lenses, are milspec and manufactured by the same company that supplies the US Defense Logistics Agency with its PVS-14 housings.
This kit is an excellent option for those who already have an intensifier tube or enjoy DIY projects. The M14 housing kit will accept either MX-11769 or MX-10160 style tubes, however the manual gain adjustment will not function with MX-10160 style tubes since they do not have an external gain adjustment controller pigtail.
Included parts:
  • M14 Chassis
  • M1414 Gasket
  • PVS-14 Battery Housing (274422-2)
  • Tube Retainer (5002569)
  • 25mm Eye Piece Assembly (5009545-1
  • Neck Cord (A3144306)
  • Purge Screw (A3144315)
  • Purge Screw O-Ring (A3144316)
  • Objective Lens Cap (A3144318)
  • Close Focus Stop (A3144322)
  • Objective Cell O-Ring (A3144323)
  • Eye Cup Assembly (A3144422)
  • Objective Assembly (A3256342)
  • Eye Cup Adapter (A3256354)
  • Light Pipe (A3256358)
  • Battery Housing Screws x4 (MS16995-2B)

  • Everything you need to build a PVS-14 minus the tube.