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Pulsar Axion XM38 5.5-22x32 Thermal Monocular

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SKU: PL77422
Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Sensor Resolution: 320x240
Optical Magnification: 5.5X
Digital Magnification: 4X
Sensor Pixel Size: 12 Micron
Sensor Frame Rate: 50hz
Objective Focal Length: 38mm
Objective F#: 1.2
Detection Range: 1700
The new Pulsar AXION series is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Using a 12 micron thermal imaging sensor provides exceptional detection capabilities with smaller lens requirements reducing weight and size. The Axion is extremely lightweight at under 1 pound which makes it a very portable for spotting and surveillance. The Axion housing is made from a lightweight magnesium alloy to maintain rigidity and ruggedness without increasing size or weight.

The Axion features Pulsar's onboard recording and bluetooth technology with 16 Gb of internal memory. 16gb is enough to record several hours of video. The built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets for streaming thermal video, downloading files, and updating firmware. The Axion Key does not include onboard recording.

The Axion uses minituized power components to decrease battery size requirements while still offering hours of run time on a single charge. Pulsar's B-Pack mini batteries are roughly the size of an 18650 and can be quickly charged either with included charger station or by connecting the Axion to a power source via the micro USB port. New electronics offer a quicker start-up in under 3 seconds. These new electronics also help save energy and increase battery life. The Axion features display off and a faster power off count down. Axion models feature a high contrast AMOLED HD micro display capable of withstanding freezing temperatures down to -13F and Axion Key models come with a LCOS microdisplay not suitable for freezing temperatures below +14F.

The Axion's IPX7 waterproof rating means it has adequate protection from heavy precipitation and even submersion in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The Picture in Picture function displays second small image with magnification in the top part of the screen. This allows the user to zoom in on a target while retaining the entire field of view.

  • 12 micron cores
  • Bluetooth/Wifi
  • Onboard recording
  • IPX7

AXION Users Manual


TECH_SPECS_TABLE:1, YTID:x7uUSKp0mJ0, BT: Yes, WIFI: Yes, DRE: 640x480, DTY: OLED, SFR: 50hz, SPS: 12 Micron, CON: Micro USB, COP: Data / Power, SUT: 3 seconds, WAR: 3 Years, IP: IPX7, PS: Rechargeable 5V Pack;Micro USB Input, IMG: 100 .jpeg, LFT: Manual Dial, EOT: -13C/-25F to +50C/122F, HM: Magnesium/High Strength Polymer, UI: 4 Button Pad/App, VID: NTSC/PAL, OBR: Yes, SSR:8-14 micron, LM:Germanium, RT: 4 Hours on Mini B-Pack, PS: Rechargeable Mini B-PAck, DTT: Thermal Imaging, STY: ULIS Core, SRES: 320x240, LMO: 5.5X, LMD: 4X, LFL: 38mm, LFN: 1.2, HFOV: 5.8, VFOV: 4.3, DR: 1700, WE: 8.8oz without battery, L: 5.8 in, H: 1.9 in, WI: 2.7 in,

  • Display


    3 Years

    Display Type


    Video Output


    Image Capture

    100 .jpeg

    Onboard Recording






    Ingress Protection


  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature Range

    -13C/-25F to +50C/122F

    Power Source

    Rechargeable Mini B-PAck

    Run Time

    4 Hours on Mini B-Pack

  • Lens Specifications

    Optical Magnification


    Digital Magnification


    Objective Lens Material


    Housing Material

    Magnesium/High Strength Polymer

    Objective Focal Length


    Objective F#


    Focusing Mechanism

    Manual Dial

    Horizontal Angular Field of View


    Vertical Angular Field of View


    Detection Range


    Connector Type

    Micro USB

    Connector Output

    Data / Power

    Startup Time

    3 seconds

  • Physical

    Length in/mm

    5.8 in

    Width in/mm

    2.7 in

    Height in/mm

    1.9 in

    Weight lb/gr

    8.8oz without battery

  • Sensor Specifications

    Device Technology

    Thermal Imaging

    Sensor Resolution


    Sensor Type

    ULIS Core

    Sensor Pixel Size

    12 Micron

    Sensor Frame Rate


    Spectral Response

    8-14 micron

    Thermal Sensitivity