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Pulsar Helion XP Model 50mm Quick Disconnect Lens

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SKU: PL79055
Optical Magnification: 2.5X
Objective Focal Length: 50mm/F1.2
Detection Range: 1800
Quick-Disconnect Lens
All Helion XP models feature a quick-disconnect style lens system that allows the user to change the native optical magnification, field of view, and detection range in seconds. Simply press the disconnect button, twist, and pull the lens housing away from the main body of the Helion. The QD lens system even retains manual focus adjustments and IPX7 waterproofing rating!

50mm Lens
Field of view: 12.4x9.3
Optical Magnification: 2.5X
Detection Range: 1800 meters

38mm Lens
Field of view: 16.3x12.3
Optical Magnification: 1.9X
Detection Range: 13500 meters

28mm Lens
Field of view: 22x16.6
Optical Magnification: 1.4X
Detection Range: 1000 meters
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