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iRay 1280x1024 55mm Thermal Core with HDMI Output

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SKU: HD1280-001-05510X-E-N
Sensor Resolution: 1280x1024
Optical Magnification: 1X
Digital Magnification: 1X
Sensor Pixel Size: 12 Micron
Sensor Frame Rate: 30hz
Objective Diameter: 55mm
Objective F#: 1
Detection Range: 2020
Objective Focal Length: 55mm
Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
The HD Core series from iRay takes long wave thermal imaging to the next level by offering more than double the sensor resolution of 640x480 cores. 1.3 million 12 micron VOx pixels and iRay's renowned image processing create an image unlike any other thermal sensor on the market. This camera core is designed for easy plug-and-play compatibility with an HDMI connector and a USB-C power connector. The most notable benefit of a 1280 resolution sensor is what 640 cameras simply cannot achieve - the combination of long range detection while maintaining a wide field of view. A 640 camera with the same focal length would offer only half of the field of view of a 1280. The germanium optics are as good as it gets - F1.0 and use a standard M34 x .3 thread making this camera compatible with thousands of off-the-shelf germanium lenses.

  • HDMI Output
  • USB Power
  • USB Communication
  • HD Resolution

iRay HD Core

TECH_SPECS_TABLE:1, YTID:hmd7SrvLhqI, Device Tech DTT: Thermal Imaging, Sensor STY: iRay VOx Core, SRES: 1280x1024, SFR: 30hz, SPS: 12 Micron, VID: Digital HDMI 1280x1024 30p, OBR:No, SSR:8-14 Microns, STS:<50mk, Optical LFL: 55mm, LDI: 55mm, LFN: 1.0, LMD: 1X, LMO: 1X, LFR:5 meters to infinity, DR: 2020, HFOV: 16, VFOV: 12.8, LFT:Fixed Athermalized, Connectivity CON: HDMI/USB-C, COP: Video/USB, BT: No, WIFI:No, CW:, Environmental EOT: -40C/-40F to +55C/131F, EST: -45C/-49F to +75C/167F, IP: N/A 5-95% No condensation, Physical WI: 55mm / 2.1in , L: 112mm / 4.4in , H: 55mm / 2.1in , WE: 1.9 lb / 14.7 oz, HM: Aluminum, MI: M2 x 0.4 - 3mm , Power PS: USB-C 5V <2.2W, SUT: 15 Seconds, MTTF:, Mean Time to Failure Manufacturer WAR:3-Years, CM: China,

  • Display

    Video Output

    Digital HDMI 1280x1024 30p

    Onboard Recording






    Ingress Protection

    N/A 5-95% No condensation

    Country of Manufacture



    3 Years

  • Environmental Specifications

    Storage Temperature Range

    -45C/-49F to +75C/167F

  • Lens Specifications

    Optical Magnification


    Digital Magnification


    Housing Material


    Objective Diameter


    Objective F#


    Objective Focusing Range

    5 meters to infinity

    Focusing Mechanism

    Fixed Athermalized

    Horizontal Angular Field of View


    Vertical Angular Field of View


    Detection Range


    Connector Output


    Startup Time

    15 Seconds

    Objective Focal Length


  • Physical

    Length in/mm

    112mm / 4.4in

    Height in/mm

    55mm / 2.1in

    Weight lb/gr

    1.9 lb / 14.7 oz

  • Sensor Specifications

    Sensor Resolution


    Sensor Pixel Size

    12 Micron

    Sensor Frame Rate


    Thermal Sensitivity


    Spectral Response

    8-14 Microns

    Device Technology

    Thermal Imaging