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IR Patrol M300W 640X480 Thermal Weapon Mountable Monocular


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UPC: 719307800779
Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Sensor Resolution: 640x480
Optical Magnification: 1X
Sensor Pixel Size: 12 Micron
Sensor Frame Rate: 60hz
Objective Focal Length: 19mm
Objective F#: 1.1
Digital Magnification: 8X
Detection Range: 1350

The IR Patrol is packed full of features exclusive to the commercial thermal market including Quick Command Control, edge detect, and a fully ruggedized thumb stick controller. The IR Patrol is also the most affordable 640 resolution thermal monocular ever to hit the commercial, LE, and military market. The IR Patrol combines the latest technology 12 micron BAE thermal core with miniaturized electronics to create a user friendly rugged waterproof package taking LE and night hunters to the next level of thermal imagery.

Thumb Stick Controller
The IR Patrol comes standard equipped with a multi-directional fully ruggedized, weather-proof thumb stock control. The thumb stick is large and easy to find in the dark and is much quicker and easier to use than conventional buttons found on nearly every other thermal system on the market.

QCM - Quick Command Mode
Quick Command Mode(QCM) is featured in all models of the IR Patrol. QCM is a an extremely advantageous tactical feature that is completely user configurable. QCM allows the user to configure 4 icons as seen below, each of which is controlled by the movement of the thumb stick controller in that direction. QCM allows you to configure each location to which ever icon you choose. If you want the same icon in all locations, you can do that. These icons are set by moving the thumb stick in the direction you wish to set while holding the thumb stuck in that direction, each button press will change the icon type. Once you have the icon you desire, release and you are done. The thumb stick featured on the IR Patrol is the easiest to use control system on the market, and with QCM the IR Patrol offers full customization.

Compatibility with Afocal Magnifiers/Len Multipliers
The 2X and 3X afocal magnifying lenses compatible with the IR Patrol will double or triple your lens magnification and detection range. This is the most cost effective way to increase you lens magnification and usable range while still retaining the ability to quickly remove the magnifier and use a wide angle 1X field of view.

The IR Patrol meets the need to see in the dark for military, first responders, and sportsmen alike. With limited budgets, quality thermal products are typically out of reach and that's where the IR Patrol comes in. The new IR Patrol thermal monocular solves this problem, as IR Defense has developed one of the most affordable, high resolution, thermal night vision devices on the market.

picture of IR Patrol

Manual Focus Lens
The IR Patrol M300W features a high end manual focus objective lens. The design of this lens system requires an infinity focus while using the M300W as a weapon sight. Failure to set the lens to infinity focus may cause a shift in point of impact. There are 2 small focus indicator dots on the M300W. One on the body housing, and another on the lens itself. The dots will align a total of 5 times throughout the travel of the lens. To set the lens to infinity focus simply turn the lens clockwise until it stops, then twist the lens counter clockwise until the dots align for the second time. You will also be able to find infinity focus by looking through the device and finding the focus setting with the longest depth of focus(every thing at a distance looks in focus). Click here to see the infinity focus explanation graphic.

IR Patrol M300W Infinity focus

Performance, Durability and Affordability
Whether you are protecting our borders, searching for a lost child, or eradicating groups of feral hogs, operators need high resolution thermal images in a small robust device. The IR Patrol thermal monocular is a game changer for the night vision industry. For the first time ever, night vision users can enjoy thermal high definition imagery for under five thousand dollars ($5,000.00 USD).

The IR Patrol features an advanced user interface with a military grade thumb stick that is the perfect size - no more searching for buttons in the dark. With the monocular's ergonomic design, users can take advantage of all the functionality, including the menu system that is engineered to be intuitive and efficient to operate.

Quality, Quality and Quality
The IR Patrol was designed for military applications at a consumer affordable price point. All the components inside the IR Patrol are the highest quality. The BAE Systems long wave infrared (LWIR) uncooled, 60Hz thermal core, combined with Emagin's OLED, 10,000:1 contrast VGA display and our 6061 aircraft aluminum housings, are the highest quality system components available. All made in the USA.

The IR Patrol M300W Thermal Monocular features a 640x480 thermal image at 60Hz fast frame rate, plus the ability to be used both as a dedicated thermal weapon sight. An optional Wilcox Side-Flip weapon mount is available.

DLOC-IRD Weapon Mount(Included)

The DLOC-IRD true return to zero quick release mount is a miniaturized and skeletonized variation of the very popular A4S DLOC line of optics and accessory mounts. The DLOC-IRD quick release mount is the only TRUE return to zero mount available for the IR Patrol M300w. The DLOC-IRD also grabs more rail than competing mounts, and the DLOC patented design makes it the most accurate quick release mount on the market. The DLOC-IRD can be used across multiple platforms including mil-spec, and out of spec picatinny rails without the need to adjust for tension. If you have ever wanted to move your IR Patrol on and off your weapon without the need to re-zero then this is the mount for you. With the DLOC-IRD you can now maintain true accuracy.

Miniaturized for Helmet and Weapon Mounted Compatibility
We knew that any mount used on the IR Patrol had to be light weight just like the IR Patrol. Not only that, it needed to be fast on and off the rail, accurate, and easy to use. The DLOC-IRD weighs in at under 2.5 ounces and will withstand the recoil of a .308 caliber rifle. Even though the mount is miniaturized, the DLOC still grabs more rail than most full size QD mounts and maintains a true zero no matter how many times it is removed and replaced.

Specialized Stability for Repeatability
The DLOC-IRD was designed specifically for the IR Patrol M300w and engineered to use all 4 rails slots as well as the entire shelf on the IR Patrol's picatinny rail. You simply can't make a mount with more stability.

High-Speed, Low-Drag
When moving from a helmet to a weapon rail, the DLOC-IRD equips the IR Patrol with a faster and easier to use solution than any competing mount on the market. The position of the mount on the rail side of the IR Patrol vs the dovetail side of the IR Patrol means you don't have to flip the IR Patrol upside down when moving from a helmet to a weapon mount. This in turn means that you dont have to change the iconology on the IR Patrol to different orientations for helmet mounted use and weapon mounted use of an IR Patrol.

The DLOC-IRD fits the following rails:

  • US MIL-SPEC 1913 Picatinny Rails
  • NATO 1913 Picatinny Ralis
  • Over-sized commercial picatinny rails

IMPORTANT NOTE: Torque allen head bolts to no more than 44 inch pounds. Exceeding the specified torque range can damage your rail.

Differences between DLOC mounts and all competitors:
- All DLOC’s grab more rail on both sides
- Retention knob will keep mounts secure without the use of tools or user forgets
- No tools required except for scope mounts if user desires to torque to spec
- Absolutely the fastest mount to attach in the dark
- Will not snag or hook your gear unlike lever type mounts
- Will attach to all picatinny rails including those worn, damaged or not Mil-Spec
- All parts are CNC machined, not “forged or cast” eliminating brittle components
- All DLOC’s are made with true “QD” Quick Attach technology
- True “Back to Zero” not ½ moa
- Will “NOT” damage the underside, sides or top to your picatinny rail… no galling.
- Dependable of being able to Switch optics without re-zero

Enhancements to the DLOC Mounting System.
- All DLOC designs are engineered to grab more rail therefore having more holding strength
- CNC machined, tumbled, sand blasted and Hard Anodized Type II-Flat Black only
- Multiple Recoil lugs enhancing recoil strength and prolonging picatinny rail wear
- DLOC mounts will not accidentally fall off if not secured or loosened
- DLOC’s are manufactured to Co-witness with existing OEM products
- Scope mount ATK(Acorn Torque Knobs) knobs are “Heli-Coiled” with stainless steel insert-Extremely Robust


  • 640x480 EMAGIN OLED Display
  • BAE MicroIR 640x480 12um Sensor
  • 60Hz Frame Rate
  • Edge Detect mode - allows the user to better identify targets at a distance, and provides additional perspective by its unique trace-outline image
  • Wilcox Shoe Interface Adapter - allows for
  • MaxPol - multi-polarity technology provides three modes of white and black-hot allowing the user to better bring out the target or the background, depending on conditions
  • E-Zoom - digital zoom function enabling digital magnification of 2x, 4x, and 8x
  • DFC Digital Focus - finer detail, more contrast, and greater depth are simply achieved with a toggle and press of the joystick while viewing images through the IR Patrol
  • Configuration Level
  • Image Capture Feature (cable not included)



Sensor Type BAE MicroIR VOx Uncooled Microbolometer
Sensor Resolution 640x480 (actual 640x480) 307,200 pixels
SpectralL Band 8 - 12 μm
Pixel Pitch 12 μm
Sensitivity <50 mK
Frame Rate 60Hz
Calibration NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)


Lens Type Germanium
IR Window Germanium with Protective DLC Coating
Focal Length 19mm
F/# f/1.1
Transmission 0.88
Eye Relief 27mm
Diopter -1.5


Type Emagin OLED Monochrome Display
Resolution VGA 640x480
Output 10 bit Digital Monochrome
Contrast >10,000:1
Frame Rate 60Hz


Magnification 640x480 19mm - 1.x optical 8x digital
Field of View 640x480 19mm - 22° optical 3° digital
Dimensions 5.95" L x 2.2" H x 2.95" W
Weight >454 grams
Start Up Time >4 Seconds


User Interface Thumb Stick Controller
Polarity MaxPOL White Hot / Black Hot
Edge Detect Edge Detection Mode
Electronic Zoom Up to 8X Zoom
Laser Rail Built in Laser Interface Picatinny Rail
DFC - Digital Focus Enhances and Sharpens Imagery
Image Capture Image Capture special cable needed to download
Video Output RS-170 NTSC Analog Video Special Cable required
Contrast User Adjustable Contrast
ETR - Enhanced Target Recognition Target Enhancement Software
Head Mountable M250 / M300W Only
Weapon Mountable M300W Only
Reticle System Basic Duplex Crosshair
  • Laser Specifications

  • Optics

    Optical Magnification


    Objective Lens Material

    Umicore GASIR

    Objective Focal Length


    Objective F#


    Focusing Mechanism


    Horizontal Angular Field of View


    Eyepiece Focal Length


    Eye Relief


    Exit Pupil


    Diopter Range

    -6 to +2

    Display Type

    eMagin OLED

    Display Resolution


    Digital Magnification


    Detection Range


    Vertical Angular Field of View


  • Features & Performance



    Power Source

    1X or 2X CR123A Lithium

    Run Time

    2 - @ 30HZ 5 hrs;1 - @ 60hz 1.5 hrs; UNV Adapter @ 60hz 18 hrs+

    Video Output

    Analog RS-170/NTSC via

    Image Capture

    100 640x480 JPEG/BMP

    Onboard Recording






    Country of Manufacture


    Connector Type

    9 Pin Fischer

    Connector Output




    Startup Time

    Under 5 Seconds

  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature Range

    -40C/-40F to +55C/131F

    Recoil Rating

    .308 WIN

  • Physical

    Housing Material

    7000 series Aluminum/ABS

    Mounting Interface

    Picatinny / Dovetail


    5.95 / 151


    1.0 lb / 16.0 oz / 454 gm


    2.0 /51


    2.95 /75

  • Sensor Specifications

    Device Technology

    Thermal Imaging

    Sensor Resolution


    Sensor Pixel Size

    12 Micron

    Sensor Frame Rate


    Thermal Sensitivity


    Spectral Response

    8-12 Microns

    Sensor Type

    BAE MicroIR Core

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  • 5
    External USB Power Source Adapter Kit

    Posted by Odie Hughes on Jan 3rd 2016

    the 123 batteries(even in lithium) don&#039;t seem to power thermal units for very long. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended either. this power source kit from ultimate night vision is the only way to go. it takes a set of 123 batteries just to sight in and fire a few rounds at different yardages playing with the unit (about an hour and a half to two hours). with this set up, the thermal unit can easily be left on while walking back and forth checking target shots all day if you so choose. without this kit, you will need a pile of batteries. oh and good luck fumbling with replacing them in the dark. buying a high quality thermal from ultimate night vision and NOT buying this power source kit would be like buying a ferrari and only getting $10.00 worth of gas to go with it.

  • 5
    IR Patrol M 300W thermal monocular

    Posted by Odie Hughes on Dec 15th 2015

    if you are looking for the ultimate combination package, get this helmet mounted or handheld monocular. Package it with the IR MK III 60 MM thermal weapon sight and quit looking and start using it. once you get both. you will sleep less at night because you will be using them. if you can only get one unit, this needs to be at the top of your list

  • 5

    Posted by Jerry Meyer on Oct 26th 2015

    This thing is awesome! Clear, easy to use and small enough that I can carry it anywhere. Can&#039;t wait to try it out with a 2X multiplier!

  • 5
    Great Product and Service

    Posted by Travis on Sep 9th 2015

    This thing rocks. I have a fairly good amount of experience with thermal optics and own an ATN Thor as well. This Patrol rocks. Small, lightweight, with awesome clarity. The toggle switch to navigate menu options is a huge plus. Highly recommend this product!!