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Trijicon OASYS UTC-Xii Universal Thermal Clip-On

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SKU: 19041-0000-01
Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Sensor Resolution: 640x480
Optical Magnification: 1X
Digital Magnification: 0.5X-2X
Sensor Pixel Size: 12 Micron
Sensor Frame Rate: 60hz
Objective F#: 1.2
Detection Range: 2650
The Trijicon OASYS UTC-Xii clip-on is a miniaturized high-performance thermal clip-on designed to pair in front of existing day optics. The UTC xii enhances existing day sight systems with 1x to 10x magnification and is excellent for surveillance and long-range applications. The UTCXii has incredible range as well as the ability to integrate with the RAPTAR-S range-finder and ballistic calculator.

The Trijicon UTCxii system is a small, lightweight, universal thermal clip-on for existing weapon sights. Optimal for surveillance and long-range applications, it delivers performance in all battlefield conditions and pairs with existing day sight systems between 1x and 10x magnification. The unit provides rapid, single-handed start-up and operation of all system controls. With its compact design, it allows users to quickly and easily remove the system without boresight adjustment. Clip the Trijicon UTC x/UTC™xii on in front of existing day optics up to 10x magnification without needing to re-zero or re-train.


  • Clips-On in front of powered (magnifying) scopes, red dot sights, and holographic sights
  • 60 Hz high-performance weapons-grade focal planes
  • Small size and light weight
  • Installs and removes without the need for boresight adjustment
  • Superior performance in all battlefield conditions
  • Uses 1 or 2 commercially available CR 123 batteries
  • Battery life exceeds 5 hours
  • RS-170 video output

  • Greatly enhances vision at night or in dust or smoke conditions
  • Compliments existing day sights
  • Superior performance in all battlefield conditions

UTC Xii Data Sheet

TECH_SPECS_TABLE:1, Technology Device Tech DTT: Thermal Imaging , YTID: FW3k80Vuq34&t, Sensor STY: BAE MicroIR Core, SRES: 640x480, SFR: 60hz, SPS: 12 Micron, IMG:100 640x480 JPEG/BMP, VID:Analog RS-170/NTSC via, OBR:No, SSR:8-12 Microns,STS:<50mk, Optical LFL: 60mm, LFN: 1.2, LMD: 0.5X-2X, LMO: 1X, DR: 2650 HFOV: 7.5, VFOV: 4.5, LFT:Manual, Connectivity CON: 9 Pin Fischer, COP: Video/USB, BT: No, WIFI:No, CW:, Display DRE: 640x408, DTT: Thermal Imaging, DTY: eMagin OLED, Environmental EOT: -40C/-40F to +55C/131F, EST: -45C/-49F to +75C/167F, IP; Submersible, Physical L:6.25 / 158, H:3.10 / 79, WE:1.3 lb / 20.5 oz, WI:3.25 /82, HM:7000 series Aluminum/ABS, UI: 4 button pad, MI: Dovetail(top);Picatinny(bottom), MAT:Aluminum/ABS/Steel/Copper/Glass/Germanium, Power RT:2.25hrs(1) 5.5hrs(2), PS:1 or X CR123A Lithium;External USB, SUT:Under 3 Seconds, MTTF:, Mean Time to Failure Shock RET:5, RR: .50 BMG, Manufacturer WAR:1-Year, CM: USA,

  • Display

    Display Type

    eMagin OLED

    Video Output

    Analog RS-170/NTSC via

    Image Capture

    100 640x480 JPEG/BMP

    Onboard Recording






    Recoil Rating

    .50 BMG

    Country of Manufacture




  • Environmental Specifications

    Storage Temperature Range

    -45C/-49F to +75C/167F

    Power Source

    1 or X CR123A Lithium;External USB

  • Lens Specifications

    Optical Magnification


    Digital Magnification


    Housing Material

    7000 series Aluminum/ABS



    Objective F#


    Focusing Mechanism


    Vertical Angular Field of View


    Detection Range


    Connector Output


    Startup Time

    Under 3 Seconds

  • Physical

    Width in/mm

    3.25 /82

    Height in/mm

    3.10 / 79

    Weight lb/gr

    1.3 lb / 20.5 oz

  • Sensor Specifications

    Device Technology

    Thermal Imaging

    Sensor Resolution


    Sensor Pixel Size

    12 Micron

    Sensor Frame Rate


    Thermal Sensitivity


    Spectral Response

    8-12 Microns

    Sensor Type

    BAE MicroIR Core