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Wilcox AN/PVS-14 J-Arm with Dovetail Interface Shoe

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Device Technology: Dovetail Interface
SKU: 26300G01
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The Wilcox AN/PVS-14 Arm provides a durable platform for mounting a PVS-14 monocular to a Wilcox Combat Helmet Interface Mount. This Arm allows the operator to select a comfortable height and angle at which the monocular is set, with the ability to make fine adjustments to customize the position of the PVS-14 for proper eye position and relief. Mounting/dismounting the arm from the PVS-14 is made easy by means of a thumb screw.

  • Durable connection for mounting an AN/PVS-14 Goggle
  • Can be used with the Wilcox NVG Lanyard for secure attachment to an array of NVG devices, preventing loss of the NVG and breakaway of the Wilcox Universal NVG Mount from the helmet mount base
  • Each mechanical adjustment is durable and ergonomically positioned for easy one-handed operation while handling a weapon
  • Maintains a very low profile stance on the helmet
  • Flat matte finish for covertness in combat conditions

Weight 0.13 lb (2.08 oz)
Material Construction Lightweight, Aerospace Grade Metal and High Strength Polymer
Flip Mechanism 110º of Travel (Left or Right Eye)
Auto On/Off Feature Applicable with Wilcox AN/PVS Metal Interface Shoes
Accommodates NVG Suite AN/PVS-14

  • Laser Specifications

  • Optics

  • Features & Performance


    1 Year

    Compatible With


  • Environmental Specifications

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    Mounting Interface



    .13 lb / 2.8 oz

  • Sensor Specifications

    Device Technology

    Dovetail Interface