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KVC OSS - Obverse Shoe Set for Dual Bridging the AN/PVS-14

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Device Technology: Dovetail Interface
The OSS maximizes the use of virtually any standard dovetail as a host receiver for matrix interchange of similar/disimilar optics. Both shoes are equipped with RQE's patented user adjustable tolerance tooth to compensate for wear, temperature changes or tolerances and reduce/eliminate wobble at the juncture point across many brands of dovetail host receivers.

  • Floating/Top Helmet Mount Shoe
  • Hard-use/Bottom Weapon Mount Shoe

Installing the OSS on your PVS-14 gives you additional options to use any standard dovetail receiver regardless of brand or wear level. The OSS also allows loading from either side of the monocular which provides a more ergonomic and functional right-eyed and dual optic/bridged configuration.

Configured on a single monocular the OSS allows the user to load their monocular from either side for left eye, right eye, or weapon mounting. With a total weight of under 50g this configuration is still extremely light.

Configured on 2 monoculars as a binocular the OSS provides the proper height, standoff, and load orientation options for bridging a pair of PVS-14s. Pictured below is an OSS installed on a pair of standard PVS-14s loaded on an RQE Universal Bridge/UB.

Helmet Mountable Floating Shoe
There are no modifications required for installation or removal of the floating to the host optic. A standard hex key is used per industry standards with no special instructions. The floating shoe "clocks" around the host optic objective stop ring and is designed for obverse helmet type applications. The floating shoe also has 1/2" of 2-axis standoff adjustment via the M-Clip to align the host optic with dissimilar bridged optics. Unlike other shoes, the floating shoe has rotational and fore/aft adjustment.

NOTE: Do not use the OSS floating shoe for weapon mounting, co-sighting, or other non-helmet or non monocular/bi-ocular applications. Only the bottom shoe is rated for weapon mounting.

1/4-20 Weapon Mountable Bottom Shoe
The hard-use weapon interface shoe is anchored in place with the host 1/4" 20 thread mount hole and has matching height and standoff as the mating floating shoe. This hard-use shoe can be used as either a helmet or weapon mount interface. The weapon mount shoe also maintains a resident 1/4-20 mount hole for mounting to a tripod or other various accessories requiring a 1/4-20 mount hole.

  • High Flexibility
  • No Tools required
  • 2-Axis Adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Backwards Compatible with PVS-14
  • More Height/upward travel Adjustment

RQE OSS Shoeset Spec Sheet

OSS Assembly Overview

TECH_SPECS_TABLE:1, DTT: Dovetail Interface, WE: Weapon shoe <20g / Floating Shoe <30g, MAT:: 7075 Aluminum, WAR: 1 Year,

  • Laser Specifications

  • Optics

  • Features & Performance


    1 Year

  • Environmental Specifications

  • Physical


    Weapon shoe <20g / Floating Shoe <30g

  • Sensor Specifications

    Device Technology

    Dovetail Interface